Finish Your Nursing Degree With Nursing Scholarships

Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs all over the world. In the United States alone, it is expected that the demand for nurses will increase in leaps and bounds starting on 2014. Nurses in the US are also well-compensated with 25 percent of working nurses earning as much as $65,000-$74,000 annually. This alone shows that a career in nursing is very promising and stable.

If you want to pursue a career in nursing, you may want to apply for free scholarship grants. Funding agencies of free scholarship applications provide lots of options to qualified applicants. All you need to do is pass the required documents, pass the tests and interviews and maintain the needed scholastic requirements for the course.

These days, Nursing has seized to be labeled as a career for single women. In fact, there are free scholarships for interested men and single moms. Men who are taking up a pre-RN program may ask financial assistance from the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN). Qualified applicants with at least a grade of 2.75 GPA may also take advantage of additional funds from Johnson and Johnson, a company that has been there to support nurses. It has been said that twenty scholars will be given a grant of -$1,000. They can also enjoy other benefits being an AAMN member. The AAMN has a website with forums that discusses about nursing schooling problems and scholarship options.

It has been said that over four hundred individuals are granted free scholarships from the governments Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Qualified scholars for this program have lots of benefits including one thousand dollars financial assistance and a secured job in a medical center in the country. Scholars should be a fulltime student with good performance in a university and with excellent attendance in his classes. Students should bear in mind that the scholarship will be cancelled if the abovementioned criterion will not be met. Submission of documents for the said scholarship starts from March-May. Qualified scholars will be announced not later than July in the same year.

If you are currently working on a different field of specialization, consider enrolling in a two-year Nursing degree course. This associate program provides hands-on direct training from accredited hospitals in the US. There are also accelerated bachelors program that are comparable to the four-year Nursing degree. The National Student Nurses Association General and Specialty Scholarships may help you finance your needs in school as they give $1,000 to $5,000 assistance to at least 46 scholars each year. Continuing junior and senior Nursing students may also apply for financial assistance in the Lydias Professional Uniforms/AACN Excellence in Academic Nursing Scholarships. Applicants should have at least 3.5 GPA. Two chosen applicants will receive a prize of $2,500 annually.