Reflective Essays- Everything You Should Know About!

A reflection essay determines any event or experience that allows a person to open his/her idea. In his way, the person asked to tell what he/she learned from this experience and to reflect on it. Reflective essays allow a person to explore more ideas and thoughts to know about their personality, experience, and history. In simple words, we can say that it shows the reflection of the author and ask them to tell about their experiences. From this other person can better learn about the different authors and researches had in the past or running in the present.

What can an author write in reflective essays?

  • A real experience
  • Something one feels
  • A better imagination or dream
  • Special objects or a particular topic
  • Explaining feelings, thoughts and perfect ideas, etc.


For making a perfect and exciting reflection essay, one needs to learn about its outline or structure. Also, many ways are available online which allows a person to learn about the latest ideas. No matters which one he/she choose but discovering the right direction matters a lot. Here we go with the outline of an effective reflection essay.

Introduction paragraph

Starting with an effective and fantastic sentence is the best idea to attract more readers. One needs to explain the subject on which the essay or experience is written. One should also mention the thesis statement which shows the focal point of your essay or research.

Body Paragraphs

After completing the introductory part, one should pay some attention to this part. In this part, the whole subject will be explained with proper examples. In this part one needs to explain three paragraphs:-

  • In the first paragraph, one needs to answer the subject questions which can solve the reader’s doubts. From making the first paragraph effective, an author can attract more people and can make a better impression.
  • In the second paragraph, one needs to explain the reasons why the essay has been made?
  • In the third paragraph, one needs to explain the answers like: – what were the experience, thoughts, and feelings?  How’s it goes- good or worse? Also, they need to explain the whole data deeply at this point.


After finishing the introductory and main body paragraphs, you need to focus on the conclusion part. In this part, a person needs to explain the complete result of the experience or research. Sum up all the concepts and explain the result in a summarized form considered as the best idea to end up.